An alluring blend of Spruce, GUILT-FREE Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense. Note that this has no carrier oil (unlike the BIG NAME BRAND similar blend which is 80% carrier oil) so it can be safely used in ANY diffuser without fear of clogging it up with the non-volatiles of the carrier and it will diffuse much stronger into the air because it's not diluted.  Of course if you like the blend in a carrier you can always dilute your self into Fractionated Coconut oil (MCT) at the same strenght of the commercial blend or make it any strenght you want and you will save a ton of money because it's much cheaper to buy carrier oils than essential oils and this version is ONLY 100% pure essential oils.  It is also the orignal formula that Dr. P created with more blue tansy oil (before the shortages cause them to replace some of the blue tansy with blue chamomile oil) and no cheap ho wood oil from China to replace the Rosewood.  


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    Elle Nesbitt

    Greatest information ever found that mentioned the truth about natural oils and flowers. Thank you. I am disabled, and have a hard time finding the truth about certain flowers for making true parfumes for my new business.