Latin Name:  Osmanthus fragrans

Part of Plant:  Flower

Country of Origin:  Flowers from China, Extracted in France

Method of Production:  Solvent Extraction


Probably the most beautiful floral absolute you will ever smell!  Osmanthus absolute is a rare and beautiful product and is such a different floral note because it's almost more fruity than floral.  This absolute is VERY POWERFUL, less than 1% will make drastically improve almost any essential oil blend you want to create.  This is a must have for any home perfumers out there, you will not believe what this product can do.


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    98% would recommend

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    Carol Swenson, LMT, LE

    As a professional Esthetician of 26 years, I am always looking for better skincare for my clientele and myself. Skincare that has been formulated with honest intentions. And in my profession that is not usually the case. I highly recommend this product for you if you're wanting/searching to upgrade your face cream. It's an amazing feel and aroma that transforms the imagination. I'm grateful to Dr. P for this one and I know that you will be as well. Namaste


    I was very excited to see this formulation as I love a healthy, great-smelling face cream... gotta say that this cream by Dr. P. really hits home on all levels for me. A super beautiful aroma, a smooth texture, and it really does make my skin look and feel better! And the aroma?? Get outa heah...

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