Even higher purity and better odor than the original 90% version!  Natural beta-caryophyllene isolate from EOU with 99% minimum purity.  Currently the highest essential oil source for beta-caryophyllene is copaiba oil which usually contains beta-caryophyllene at 50-60%.  The EOU beta-caryophyllene gives you more bang for your buck with over 99% purity and at a lower cost than what many companies are selling the lower purity beta-caryophyllene containing essential oils.  You can use this product just as you would use copaiba oil.  See the original EOU post about this product at




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    Elle Nesbitt

    Greatest information ever found that mentioned the truth about natural oils and flowers. Thank you. I am disabled, and have a hard time finding the truth about certain flowers for making true parfumes for my new business.

    Love this stuff!!

    Dr. P's Super AI is amazing! I've been dealing with severe muscle pain in my shoulder and I remembered the AI. I thought there was no possible way this could give me relief since no otc pain meds have been working. I finally got a decent night's sleep after applying. I reapplied the following morning as it is difficult getting through the day as a preschool teacher being in so much pain. The pain relief lasted 6-7 hours. I will definitely be ordering more! I regret not getting another bottle sooner. Love Derosiers oils, the quality is amazing!! Thank you Dr. P!!