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Latin Name:  Dracocephalum moldavica

Part of Plant:  Flowering tops

Country of Origin:  Bulgaria

Method of Production:  Steam Distillation

Dracocephalum moldavica, also known as Dragonhead, Moldavian Dragonhead, or Moldavian Balm, is a member of the Lamiaceae (formally Labiatae) botanical family.  It is a perennial herb that commonly grows from Eastern Europe to East Asia, that produces beautiful blue to purple flowers.  Historically, the lemon-scented leaves have been used to make tea.  It is also widely grown as a garden ornamental and it is known to attract several species of butterflies, birds, as well as bees.


Dragonhead essential oil, having a fresh, herbaceous, and mild lemony scent, is like taking Melissa (Lemon Balm) oil to another level.  It is a beautiful and rare oil that is chemically unique and one of the few oils with high geranyl acetate.  To quote Dr. P. from an Essential Oil University Facebook post, “I find the Dragonhead EO to be like a more refined Melissa oil, indeed they have many components in common, including neral and geranial (the main components in most Melissa), but what the Dragonhead has that the Melissa doesn't is the high level of geranyl acetate, a nice floral/fruity ester, that makes the oil less harsh than melissa and more smooth and rounded. The yield of the Dragonhead, like Melissa, is very small, so it is an expensive oil, but if you like Melissa then I think you will really love this oil.”  Try blending with your choice of citrus and floral oils for an uplifting diffuser blend. 


Usage ideas:

  • Add a few drops of essential oils to a diffuser, cotton round, or a tissue.

For convenience on the go…

  • Properly dilute with your choice of carrier oils in a roller bottle.

  • Add up to a total of 15 drops of essential oils to a personal aromatic inhaler (aroma stick).



*Because there is no documented safety information for this oil, but it has been compared to Melissa, please take into account the following safety information for Melissa essential oil.

Dermal Max for Melissa: 0.9% 

Use caution topically with children under two and on sensitive, diseased, or damaged skin.  Possible drug interaction; potentially teratogenicity.  Use caution in certain instances during pregnancy.  If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, please consult with a healthcare professional prior to use.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  If swallowed, seek medical attention or contact a Poison Control Center.  Do not use undiluted essential oils topically.  Possible skin sensitivity.  Do not use on broken skin.  Watch for any possible interactions or side effects.  Discontinue use if any reaction including skin irritation occurs and if condition persists, seek medical attention.  Be sure you are familiar with all safety precautions including any recommended dermal maximums before use.



This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and is for educational and informational purposes only.  These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).




Tisserand, R. and Young, R. (2014). Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, Second Edition. Churchill Livingstone



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    average rating is 3 out of 5
    Now younger than her years!

    Remy, my 9 year old black mouth cur and favorite walking buddy, highly recommends Dr. P's Doggie Drops! Since starting those she has a spring in her step and a smile on her face!

    average rating is 3 out of 5
    Review of mobile website

    The website is pretty, visually, and it appears to be easy to navigate. My suggestion though, because it's infuriating to me, is that when I go to check out a specific oil, and read reviews on it, when I go back to shopping, it takes me back to the very first page of the essential oils. It is aggravating when I am down into the site by four or five pages and I get thrown back to the very beginning again. Anyway for you to fix this?

    average rating is 3 out of 5

    I didn’t order online, but I did visit Crystal in the shop! Wow! What a wonderful experience!

    These are some of the oils that I purchased today from her, and I am absolutely pleased with their quality!

    I will definitely be returning to expand my collection from this amazing business!

    average rating is 3 out of 5
    4 Back leg surgeries

    My 10 year old Australian Shepherd has had both back leg CCL's repaired and one leg had to have 3 surgeries. She still walks and functions, but she also askes for her CBD oil. She doesn't take it everyday, but a few times a week. I really don't know what we would do without it. Thank You so much!

    Mary Demers
    average rating is 3 out of 5
    Wonderful Blend

    Love this blend, in my top favorites. Highly recommend this blend. I diffuse year round because I love the smell.

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