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Osmanthus: The Perfect Summer Essential Oil

Looking for a fresh, floral, and fruity summer scent? If you haven't tried it already, Osmanthus may be the perfect scent for you. Keep reading below to learn about its origin, uses, and benefits.

What is Osmanthus?

Osmanthus Fragans is an essential oil derived from the Osmanthus flower. The flower originates from Eastern countries like China and it is related to the Jasmine and Lilac Flowers.

What does it smell like?

Osmanthus absolute has a floral, fruity, fresh, and sexy scent that will instantly elevate any space. This absolute is VERY POWERFUL. Less than 1% will drastically improve almost any essential oil blend you want to create. You may recognize its scent since it is common in a variety of perfumes.

What are the benefits and uses of Osmanthus?

Not only does Osmanthus have a lovely aroma, it also has many therapeutic benefits. Enjoy its relaxing and calming benefits throughout the day by adding a few drops to an essential oil bracelet or to a car diffuser.

Like many other floral essential oils, Osmanthus also has been known to have skincare benefits to help with aging, and skin brightness. We recommend combining Osmanthus Absolute with a carrier oil when applying the essential oil topically.

What does it blend well with?

Osmanthus blends well with other fruity and floral essential oils. Try our diffuser recipe below, "Botanical Garden".

2 Drops of Osmanthus

2 Drops of Neroli

4 Drops of Mandarin

3 Drops of Lavender

If you believe Osmanthus might be the right summer scent for you, click the button below to shop and learn more!

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