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CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need To Know

Dr. P's Doggie Drops

Does your dog struggle with pain, inflammation, or anxiety? If so, treat your pup to Dr.P's Doggie Drops! It's available in two different sizes (Regular or XL) and flavored with bacon to make it palatable for our favorite dogs. Keep reading and watch the video below to learn about the uses, benefits, safety, and effectiveness of CBD oil for dogs.

1. How do you give CBD oil to a dog?

There are two ways to give CBD oil to a dog:

  1. Sublingually- Underneath the pet's tongue, for fast relief of any acute pain.

  2. Add it to their food or dog treat- For a slow, steady release throughout the day and to help with chronic symptoms.

You always want to give your pet the right dose. The recommended dosage is 2mg per 10lbs. For example, if your dog weighs 30lbs, you should give your dog 6mg of CBD oil. This is the correct amount to give using the regular bottle of (250mg/30ml of Dr.P's Doggie Drops).

If you have a larger pet, we recommend the XL bottle (Dr.P's Doggie Drops 1000mg/30ml).

2. Why should I give CBD oil to my dog?

The two most common reasons to give CBD oil to a dog is to help treat pain and anxiety. CBD oil can help ease your dog's anxiety when traveling in a carrier or in the car. It is a great all-natural alternative to Benadryl because your dog will be less prone to any negative symptoms once it wears off. CBD oil can also be very beneficial to any skin irritations, seizures, and cancer diagnosis.

Here is what our customers had to say about Dr.P's Doggie Drops:

Dr.P's Doggie Drops product reviews, CBD blend

3. How safe and effective is CBD oil for dogs?

It is very safe and effective because all of Desrosiers CBD oil comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Upon request, we can provide this certificate to our customers. The same CBD oil that is used in all of our products is the same CBD oil that we use for our dogs.

To learn more about CBD oil and its benefits, read, "6 Things You Should Know About CBD Oil".

If you believe Dr.P's Doggie Drops might be the right fit for your dog, click the button below to shop and learn more!

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Hello! I am going to buy some CBD oil for my dog but I’m still unsure about the dosing. He is 55 pounds. I know I need to give him 11mg, but the dropper measures in millileters. Can someone help me figure out the conversion so I get it right?

Replying to

Hi there! Yes, since you need 11mgs per serving a full dropper(1ml) is equal to 8mgs as noted on the label. You would give your dog 1.5ml (rounding up) so a full dropper and a half for Doggie drops or 1/3 of a full dropper with Doggie drops XL since that is 33mgs per 1ml.

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