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There are so many different companies to buy your favorite essential oils. Are you wondering which company is right for you? Some of the most popular essential oil companies use a Multi-Level-Marketing business model including DoTerra, and Young Living. Although this model may work for some people, there are a few disadvantages. Here are 3 benefits of buying Desrosiers Oils vs. MLM Essential Oil Companies.

1. Affordable Cost


Although MLM companies may advertise that you will make money by becoming a brand partner, there are several downsides including:

  • They usually require you to buy a bulk amount of products upfront each month.

  • If you pay for a monthly subscription, you may end up paying more for essential oils and end up with more oils than you need in the long run.

  • This direct sales model is a hierarchy of independent distributors. These distributors are promised a cut of the profit from the distributors they recruit to work under them.

  • The majority of the price that you pay for the oils goes to the upline (60% to 6 or 7 different reps), making essential oils less affordable.

  • There is more pressure to sell in order to make a return on your profit.


When you buy from Desrosiers you will end up saving money because:

  • You are able to buy what you need, when you need it, at a more affordable price.

  • We offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $30 via US Postal Service Priority Mail with tracking. Estimated delivery 2-5 business days. Same-day shipping if the order is placed before 12:00 p.m. EST. To learn more about shipping and returns click here.

  • There is no pressure to sell.

  • You can sign up to receive exclusive discounts each month by clicking here.

  • We offer bulk products upon request.

2. Better Quality Products & Experience


Some multi-level marketing companies have claimed that they have more therapeutic benefits, however:

  • They have used terms like, "therapeutic grade" which was agreed as false advertising.

  • Although the oils may be "high quality", most oils sold in the industry come from very similar distributors and have the same if not better quality.

  • Larger distributors are able to create their own formulations in the lab, that may not be as authentic as pure essential oils.


  • Our essential oils are high quality and come from the same distilleries as most other high-end essential oil companies.

  • GCMS reports are available on any single essential oil upon request.

  • Our team works closely together with essential oil chemist, Dr. Pappas, to create high-quality products.

  • At Desrosiers, we promise great customer service. Owner, Crystal Desrosiers Scriber oversees each step of the process with personal care and attention from packaging, labeling, shipping, and more! Click here to learn more about our story.

3. Transparency & Clear Communication


When a customer becomes a brand distributor at an MLM essential oil company,

they often require signing an agreement, however:

  • With a variety of distributors, there is a possibility of more confusion when selling because of the lack of consistent communication.

  • This can be dangerous because some may claim that essential oils are safe to ingest when this is untrue.

  • Pricing may become unclear, inconsistent, or confusing due to the downline sale of products.

  • Distributors may be untrained and use varying marketing tactics.


At Desrosiers, we desire to build strong relationships by selling and communicating directly with our customers. We like to be upfront and transparent about the quality of our products by offering:

  • GCMS reports are available on any single essential oil upon request.

  • Free samples upon request.

  • We are always open to accepting product requests for any blend from our customers.

  • No untrained distributors.

  • Clear and consistent prices and sales.

  • All orders are filtered through one owner rather than multiple distributors.

We also love to hear your feedback! Feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below if you have any questions about our products.

Enjoy 10% off all products, now through Friday. Use the promo code: "choosedesrosiers" at checkout.

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1 Comment

Laurie Jenks Hale
Laurie Jenks Hale
Aug 15, 2022

I love how you made this comparison between the MLM EO companies and Desrosiers. You covered the main issues with the MLM "Business Model" and how you end up spending more money on the oils from them so that you can attempt to make your money back. It is a model that is set up for the folks at the top to make the money, and the recruits at the bottom to struggle. I was with doTERRA 8 years before I made this realization the hard way, and left 18 months ago after losing so much money with them. I was with Young Living for 2 years before that, and I was with Zija and Melaleuca because of thei…

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