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Arborvitae Oil, "The Tree of Life": Its Uses and Benefits.

Arborvitae Oil

Looking for a woodsy, calming, and relaxing summer scent? If you haven't tried it already, Arborvitae Oil may be the perfect scent for you. Keep reading below to learn about its origin, uses, and benefits.

What is Arborvitae Oil?

Arborvitae Oil is an essential oil derived from the Western Red Cedar tree which is native to Canada. Arborvitae is latin for "tree of life".

What does it smell like?

Arborvitae Oil has a woodsy, earthy scent that is refreshing and calming.

What are the benefits and uses of Arborvitae Oil?

Arborvitae is perfect for the summertime because it is known to be a natural insect repellant. It is found in our Super Bug & Noseeum Outdoor Blend.

Arborvitae Oil is also commonly used for its therapeutic benefits. Enjoy its relaxing and calming benefits throughout the day by adding a few drops to an essential oil bracelet or to a car diffuser.

What does it blend well with?

Arborvitae blends well with a variety of other essential oils including;

Arborvitae Oil is also found in Dr.P's Super AI Topical Serum which is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory serum. Most customers report instant relief the minute they rub this blend in.

If you believe Arborvitae Oil might be the right summer scent for you, click the button below to shop and learn more!

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