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3 Things You Should Know About Vitamin E Oil

Do you have a skin condition that you would like to treat naturally? Vitamin E Oil has a variety of benefits due to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Keep reading to learn more about Vitamin E Oil, its uses, and its benefits.

1. What is Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E Oil is a fat-soluble antioxidant. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals. Our bodies can create free radicals as we age or from a variety of factors. This includes digestion, exercise, or external factors like smoke or environmental pollutants.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to the body which can lead to a variety of diseases and conditions. This includes aging, heart disease, cancer, and more. Since Vitamin E Oil is an antioxidant, it has been known to help treat a variety of conditions caused by free radicals.

Vitamin E Oil (Acetate) High Purity is a higher quality, more stable esterified version of vitamin E that will have a longer shelf life as it is less susceptible to oxidation than alpha-tocopherol. This is also the D isomer which is what is more usable by the human body. The lower-quality synthetic vitamin E oils are a 50/50 mixture of L and D forms and are not as potent as pure D.

Vitamin E Oil Natural D-Alpha-Tocopherol is the highest quality Vitamin E oil and has been shown to demonstrate inhibitory action against skin cancer, unlike the acetate version.

2. What are the benefits of Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E Oil's primary benefits include its antioxidant properties, which combat inflammation and free radicals, and its moisturizing properties. When applied topically, Vitamin E Oil can be used for:

A. Dry Skin Conditions & Wrinkles:

Due to Vitamin E Oil's moisturizing properties, it has commonly found in a variety of moisturizers to:

  • Help prevent dry, itchy skin.

  • Alleviate Eczema symptoms.

  • Reduce Psoriasis symptoms.

  • Prevent fine lines & wrinkles.

B. Wound & Scar Healing:

Vitamin E Oil is a great all-natural alternative to help restore skin and minimize the appearance of scars.

C. Sunburn Prevention:

Vitamin E Oil can be great for the summer because some research suggests that it can prevent or reduce the formation of sunburns. It may also help to relieve the burning and itching from sunburn.

3. How else can I use Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E Oil is not only great by itself but it can also be used as:

A. Carrier Oil:

Combine Vitamin E Oil with one of your favorite essential oils, like Copaiba Oil, to help relieve pain.

B. DIY Personal Care Products:

Since Vitamin E Oil is known for its moisturizing properties, you can make your own moisturizers, serums, body wash, and more. To learn more read, "Vitamin E Oil: 14 Recipes to use in your Everyday Life".

C. Shop Skin Care Products:

A few of our Desrosiers skin care products that are made with Vitamin E Oil include:

  • Frankannibis Rejuvenation Skin Creme: Dr. P's latest blend of CBD oil, boswellic acid Frankincense powder, Vitamin E, and a neutral base creme. This creation is floral, fragrant, and extremely moisturizing. It was designed with the intent to rejuvenate and smooth skin texture.

  • Youth Blend: A luxury, age-defying face oil combining 7 key ingredients targeting signs of aging while boosting hydration. Vitamin E, FCO (fractionated coconut oil), Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense VO, Helichrysum, and Jasmine essential oils. This oil is Ideal for all skin types and rich in antioxidants that'll make your skin positively radiant.

We hope you found this information to be helpful in your understanding of Vitamin E Oil. If it helped you be sure to leave a comment below to let us know. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn anything else about essential oils. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, @desrosiersintl, for more tips, advice, and inspiration!

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